Riley Adamson

Founder and CEO. Founded in 2015.

This is my real love and passion and what I spend 90% of my energy building. We have customers in over 40 states and have helped hundreds of thousands of patients. We have employed hundreds of RNs to make calls with patients to help address their needs and measure their satisfaction. Our analytics platform helps providers track and trend performance and outcomes.

Venture backed by Susa Ventures, Ludlow Ventures and Contrary Capital.


Crypto and NFT platform for buying and selling celestial objects. This project is currently in "stealth mode." Waiting to launch when the market is right. If you're interested in helping with this, let me know.


Side project started from recording life stories of my grandparents.

This grew to several dozen customers but was challenging to grow beyond that.


Satirical company selling placebo pills at a premium! Making fun of MLMs, consumerism, tribalism and new-age witchcraft. Have you tried Non-Essential Oils before? What about joining a cult?


A book club with the most edgy name possible. Nothing inappropriate happens. SEX CULT™ is an exclusive and book club and educational group. We have authors, researchers and professors meet with us virtually for a short presentation about their work followed by a Q&A. Topics range across the sciences, humanities and history.

Request an invite at

Summer 2020

I wrote and illustrated a book! Under the pen name Dodge P. Karavan.

Got bored during quarantine. Let me know if you want one.

Spring 2021

Another EKG coffee table focused on a bridge design.

Summer 2020

I 3D printed landscapes and painted some of them.

Winter 2020

Building a camper out of an 1994 F-350 Ambulance.


Testing out other ideas for the base and for the double structure.

View the creation process and other final pictures here.


This is really a first draft to see if I liked the idea.

View sketches, prototypes and creation process here.

If you're interested in commissioning an EKG table, please let me know. They typically cost between $2,000 to $5,000.

Fall 2019.
Medium: acrylic and gold foil.

View creation process and final photos here

Spring 2019. Medium: acrylic, cuties Mandarins, sharpie, lego fire pieces and army men.

View the full creation process and final project here


Huge project that I thought was going to take over the world. I worked on it for almost a year. I was hoping this would turn into a company, or that it'd help me get hired by Google.

Lived in Boston for 10 months and Shanghai for 6 months.

2013. A hipster speaker concept.

Side project I did for fun and then pitched some of the team at ZAGG

Theft fooling backpacks for the weekend photographer.

2012 - 2013

2012 - 2013

Concept for night runners, particularly for Ragnar races.
Presentation is comically half done.

Spent a few weeks in Europe.

Teaspoon project.
GoPro light project.
Early Metrocamo sketches and ideas.
180 Light Fixture.
Sketches and photo-illustrations.

2012. This was one of the hardest classes I ever took...

Academically the hardest 2 semesters of my life. Worked extremely hard to make this file, which ultimately was needed to get into the Industrial Design program.

A summary of my art and design projects that I did before 2011.

My senior year in high school I was a Sterling Scholar for Alta High in visual arts, because nobody else applied.

2004 - 2007

I was super into animals, the military and motorcycles. Some technically impressive work, but mostly boring subjects and little that is thought provoking.

Lots of dinosaurs, bugs, animals and other critters.